Short list:



 1st Legal Brothel

 Former Storey County, Nevada district attorney Virgil Bucchianeri recalls the legalization of Mustang Bridge Ranch. 


1974 FBI sting

The FBI’s failed attempt to entrap Conforte making a deadly threat against the newly elected district attorney of Clark County, George Holt.


1976 Grand Jury report

The Washoe County Grand Jury’s final report on Joseph Conforte’s underworld.


 1976 Bonavena murder

 Oscar “Ringo” Bonavena, seventh-ranked heavyweight boxer from Argentina, was shot and killed at Mustang Ranch by Joseph Conforte’s enforcer, Willard Ross Brymer.


1977 Tax evasion

Joe and Sally Conforte were convicted of federal tax evasion and fraud in a case that ultimately set legal precedence for a fugitive’s non-right to appeal.


1983 Arrest

Having lived as a fugitive of justice for three years in Brazil to avoid five years in prison for tax evasion, Joe Conforte alleged he bribed a federal judge then gave himself up to federal authorities.