The Comstock Range


MINE shaft of death

June 11, 2021 – by Oscar Dey Williams

The Comstock Range
Abandoned mine shaft in Storey County

The Comstock Range, also called the Virginia City Range, is famously known for its rich deposits of silver and gold, home to Virginia City, and the following dark secret:

According to Nevada’s Division of Investigation and Narcotics (NDIN) regional supervisor Bill Burgess:

“You know what happened to Bonavena. There are also a number of missing persons—prostitutes—related to Conforte we can’t find, and we believe are resting at the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft. Others have died in mysterious plane crashes. People disappear around this guy.”

The mine shaft of death has yet to be discovered.

  • John Giomi, email message to author, May 3, 2009, re: 1979 talks with Bill Burgess

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